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QANA  (QANA INDUSTRY HOLDINGS GROUP CO.,LIMITED)  adheres to a belief, which is to pursuit high quality in the innovative design of products and packaging and provide solutions at the lowest "costs", so as to improve the competiveness of the products. Establishing the business opera-i tion mode with the clients in the markets is an integral part. QANA puts forward a brand-new concept in developing products for daily life of every family-CPPO GBA.
By uniting design, development, manufacturing, alliance, cooperation and other business modes, QANA has become the leading supplier of houseware By virtue of its legendary green manufacturing and the business mode that has won numerous prizes (CPPO GBA), I QANA manufacturing services (including CEM, EMS, ODM) have provided brand-new concepts for familes all over the globe. By concentrating in the green manufacturing of tableware, pot, kitchen ware, kettle and small home appliance, QANA has also establishes multiple research centers and test laboratories. It also furnishes materials and products to conduct scientific researches and technological development. QANA has established partner. ship with logistics service providers all over the globe. Its timely delivery and zero-error services have won praise from all over the world and have been credited by numerous i clients. QANA has not only established profound relationships with global service providers, i but also established long-term partnership with many advanced institutions and institutes of higher learning. By adhering to the business philosophy of "Quality Foremost, Service Utmost", OANA brings technologies and services to every family QANA is in amidst of unceas-i ing growth and expansion, and we firmly believe that QANA will become one of the world Top 500 in the short future.

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